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Michelin Star Luxury Catering London

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Posted 4th July 2023

If you’re searching for a luxurious experience to create an unforgettable event for a celebration, then look no further than Signature Events and their Michelin Star Luxury Catering in London.

What does a Michelin star mean?

Michelin Star is a prestigious and distinguished award which isn’t easy for a restaurant to obtain. Only the very best restaurants and chefs in the city will be bestowed such an honour. Businesses that manage to obtain this celebrated award find that they receive increased exposure, benefitting their business massively. Michelin Stars are reviewed every year on an annual basis. Restaurants can lose their Michelin star from one year to the next, as well as be moved up from one to two or three.

Only 188, out of the over 30,000 full-service restaurants, in the UK hold at least one Michelin star. With 160 one-Michelin-star restaurants, 20 two-Michelin-star restaurants and only eight three-Michelin-star restaurants in the UK.

What’s the difference between 1, 2 and 3 stars?

Restaurants can be awarded one, two or three Michelin stars, with three being the best. Whilst scoring criteria is kept hush-hush between judges, we know that restaurants are mainly judged on the quality of their products, cooking techniques, chef personality, “wow factor”, value for money and food consistency. Michelin claims that 3-star restaurants are “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey” In 2019, Japan was found to have the most Michelin-starred restaurants compared with every other country.

What is Michelin Star service like?

Whilst Michelin star food will certainly be outstanding and memorable, you will be pleased to learn that the service and experience you will receive will be just as memorable and outstanding. Michelin Star staff will attend to your every need, even folding your napkin for you whilst you are in the bathroom. You will find that they switch out your silverware between courses, meaning that you can relax, not having to lift a finger throughout the entire experience.

Due to the unique dishes that you will be devouring being out of the ordinary and a little complex in ingredients, your server will be sure to describe each dish carefully, guiding you through flavours and texture.

Michelin Star staff are exceptionally trained so that they have a complex understanding of the processes and can offer you any support you may require throughout your experience. Feel free to ask as many questions as you wish because your server will be more than happy to educate you. Interest in the cuisine and its preparation is vastly encouraged.

Furthermore, don’t be surprised if your experience involves moving location for each course and even receiving a tour of the kitchen to see where your food is prepared.

Signature Events: Michelin Star Luxury Catering London

Here at Signature Events, we only work with Michelin Star-awarded talents, who are capable of offering you the most extraordinary and impressive dining experience and luxury catering in London. We use unparalleled craft, planning and expertise to provide you with the utmost and most prestigious events. Signature Events aim to create bespoke experiences to create memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Whether you wish to host an intimate private celebration or an extravagant party, Signature Events can assist in delivering a Michelin Star luxury service. We provide the talent, all you need to do is select your chosen menu and we will take care of the rest. With this, we can guarantee your talent of choice, making your event truly special and personalised to you.