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Luxury Party Catering in London

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Celebrate in style with a decadent dining experience, curated by Michelin starred chefs and delivered by experienced catering professionals. Signature Events and our caterers for parties offer memorable catering services for parties of many sizes.

Delight guests and indulge in luxury when you choose Signature Events’ dinner party catering in London.

Types of Parties

Signature Events London specialises in a wide array of parties, providing exceptional private party catering that meets your needs and will surely exceed your expectations. No matter the type of party you have in mind, you can count on us to execute your vision exactly how you want it, with tailored catering for your specific occasion.


Birthdays are days to remember, which is why Signature Events always aim to provide personalised party catering that makes your birthday party unforgettable. Create memories of a lifetime when you choose Signature Events for your private party catering needs.


Make your anniversary celebration an intimate affair with Signature Events’ caterers for small parties. Commemorate a new milestone with an opulent dining experience that is filled with delicious food and a selection of tempting wines.

Themed Parties

Our passion for delivering first class service is what makes our catering solutions unparalleled. This means that regardless of whether you are planning a harrowing Halloween gala or a magical masquerade ball, you can rely on Signature Events to offer the perfect menu to match.

Holiday Parties

From Christmas to New Year’s, holiday parties are a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends. Signature Events offers the ideal menu for enjoying these occasions in comfort and splendour, with carefully selected wines to boost festive spirits.

Engagement Parties

Signature Events’ catering services for home parties are a fantastic way to celebrate love in a personal and intimate manner. Invite your close friends and family and experience an exquisite dining ordeal that leaves beautiful memories and pleasing impressions on your guests.

Catering Services for Parties

Signature Events London delivers high quality catering services for parties across London. With menus curated by Michelin starred chefs, Gary Foulkes, Arturo Granato, and Jitin Joshi, flavour is our top priority. This means that when you choose a Signature menu, be it one of our standard menus or a bespoke one, you can expect world class tastes and sensations from the very first bite.

No matter your party theme, the Signature team is more than capable of designing a menu that is tailored to your requirements, plus any dietary preferences. Let us take care of the finer details for you when it comes to your party’s catering.

Simply lie back, relax, and take a leisurely sip of one of our rare wines - a collection that is sourced from our Head Sommelier, Laure Patry.

Revel in an Opulent Dining Experience with Signature Events London Signature Events’ private party catering is what your next party needs to leave a lasting impression on guests. Get in touch with us to discuss your future Signature party.